Winter Intersession or Spring 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Advanced Patent Law

Instructor: Adj. Prof. Peter J Shurn

First class date: January 16, 2014

Posting date: Dec 11, 2013 @ 08:21:47


This Seminar course will meet every class session.  We will deal with 
five topics:  claim construction, proving infringement, proving non-
infringement, proving invalidity, and proving 
unenforceability—Chapters 8-12 of the new textbook by Moore et al., 

Class #1, January 16:  Read pages 321-355 (35 pages, 2 cases).

Class #2, January 23:  Read pages 356-393 (37 pages, 2 cases), plus 
(i) fill-in & turn-in the Topic Selection Form (that will be e-mailed 
to each student) and (ii) draft & turn-in One Paragraph explaining 
what you hope to achieve by researching and writing on your paper’s 

Preparation and presentation of a paper is required, as is usually 
the case in seminar courses at South Texas College of Law.  Your 
grade will be based on a research paper of not less than 5,000 words 
of text exclusive of footnotes and tabular materials, plus such 
footnotes appropriate for a paper of publishable quality (see the 
STCL STUDENT HANDBOOK for more details).  Each student will (i) 
research and write a paper on a topic selected by the student from a 
20-topic list that will be e-mailed to each student or on another 
topic with the professor’s approval, and (ii) give a brief class 
presentation about her/his topic at the end of the semester. 
There will be a peer-review of drafts about ¾ of the way through the 
semester.  Each student will have a Critique-Partner who will write a 
critique of your draft.  Critique-Partners will exchange and critique 
each others draft at a designated time prior to class presentations 
so that the Critique-Partner’s observations may be used to improve 
paper quality.  Each student will make an oral presentation of 
her/his paper to the class, which will be followed by Questions & 
Answers & Comments by the other students and the professor.  Each 
student will have the opportunity to finalize her/his paper in view 
of the input provided by the Questions & Comments as well as by their 
Critique-Partner’s written critique.  Finalized papers will be turned-
in, via e-mail to the professor, no later than the end of the Reading 
Period preceding Final Exams.

Any questions, e-mail Prof. Shurn at

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