Summer Intersession or Fall 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Agency & Partnership § b

Instructor: Leahy

First class date: August 18, 2014

Posting date: Aug 14, 2014 @ 15:31:03



Hynes & Loewenstein, Agency, Partnership, & the LLC:  The Law of
Unincorporated Business Enterprises – Cases, Materials, Problems (8th
ed. 2011) (UN-abridged).  

You have two choices:  (1) hard-bound or (2) loose-leaf.  (The
casebook does not say “Unabridged.” It just says “Eighth Edition”.) DO
NOT buy the soft-bound, “abridged” version of the casebook! And do NOT
buy BOTH the hard-bound AND the loose-leaf.  Just buy ONE!


For some assignments, I have edited the casebook, either for clarify
it or to eliminate material that is not required reading.  For the
topics where I have done this, rather than read the casebook, you will
need to read my edited version of the casebook.  I will post these
readings in PDF format on the class website under the heading
“supplemental required reading.”  You may download these readings to
your computer and print them at your own expense.  (When we discuss
these readings, you will be required to bring them to class, just as
you will be required to bring the casebook.)

As an alternative, I expect to print a copy of my supplemental
required readings as an optional “supplement” to the casebook.  This
supplement is 214 pages long.  I expect that it will be provided by
the bookstore or the copy center, but I am not yet sure which.  (I
will provide more details on the first day of class.)  I expect that
you will have to pay the copying cost for the supplement.  If you use
the optional supplement, you will have the option of having your
casebook “customized” by my secretary.  

Once the optional supplements have been distributed (probably on the
SECOND Wednesday of class, 8/27), I will collect the loose-leaf
casebooks and optional supplements from students who wish to have
their casebook “customized.”   My secretary will then customize your
casebook by removing all of the deleted pages from the casebook and
inserting all the new/changed pages.  Then you will be able to pick up
your customized loose-leaf casebook (hopefully on Friday afternoon, 8/29).

The bottom line: If you buy the loose-leaf version of the casebook,
you will have the option of buying an optional supplement and having
your casebook customized to minimize your effort in skipping
non-required reading.  (I will provide more specific details during
the first class.)


Reading for Class 1:  

- H&L, preface & pp. 9-24 (ch. 1, up through § A).   
- Restatement (2d) of Agency §§ 1, 14 & 13 cmt a. 
- Restatement (3d) of Agency §§ 1.01.     

I expect to cover at least pp. 9-18, and possibly the entire assignment.

- Finally, I will post a video summary of Syllabus Part A (my class
rules & procedures) on Moodle by this Friday.  You MUST watch this
video before our first class.  Please be prepared to answer questions
about the video in our first class; this will count towards your
participation grade.


All materials for the class will be posted our class website on Moodle.  

I expect to post two parts of the Syllabus -- Part A (my class rules
and procedures) and Part B (first half assignments) -- on Moodle
before the first class.  You are encouraged, but not required, to read
these Syllabus materials before the first class.  However, you ARE
required to read at least the Syllabus Part A prior to the second
class so that you are fully informed about the class rules and

Here is a link to the class website on Moodle (cut and paste it into
your browser’s address window; after that, you should be able to
bookmark it):  

Please use this link to access the class website.  Do not access
Moodle directly! (The website is currently under construction.)

You must enter your STANLEY login and password to log in to the website. 

See you on Monday!!

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