Winter Intersession or Spring 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Criminal Trial Advocacy § a

Instructor: Honorable Larry Gist

First class date: Saturday, January 18, 2014

Posting date: Dec 11, 2013 @ 16:54:39


Please bring the State v. Chambers Casebook to the first class.  
Assignments will be made at our first class for the rest of the 
semester.  All exercises will be filmed and available online for 
your review.  

Wear casual clothes to class. Be prepared, if requested, to make a 3 
minute presentation to the class at our first meeting. The 
presentation can involve any topic, or your personal background that 
will get and keep everyone's attention, and be persuasive as to why 
everyone should like and trust you.

This class is all about tactics, strategy, preparation and winning 
on the facts.  So be humorous if that fits, or serious, or some of 
both. 3 minutes doesn't seem very long but it will feel like a 

We are going to learn how to make people like, respect and trust us 
and how to win on the facts in the courtroom.

I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing this semester with 

Judge Larry Gist

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