Winter Intersession or Spring 2015 Initial Class Assignment for:

Family Law § A

Instructor: George

First class date: 01/15/2015

Posting date: Jan 7, 2015 @ 09:15:28


January 3, 2015
Professor George’s Spring 2015 Family Law Class
First Class Canceled
2015 Reading Assignments Requiring Extra Preparedness

Dear Students:

The schedule that I was originally assigned for the Spring 2015 
session encompassed Monday/Wednesday classes; with that in mind, I 
made a commitment to some Thursday obligations in early 2015. The 
first such commitment is an out of town CLE program beginning on 
Thursday,January 15. For this reason, the first class scheduled for 
January 15, 2015 will not be held. The first class will be held on 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015. I have set forth reading assignments and an
explanation of the semi-random recitation plan, below.

The family law class this semester is filled...90+ students.

Recitation in such a large class is always problematic. Student 
evaluations have revealed that use of an alphabetic approach results 
in some of those students called on early in the semester being
more lax in preparation later in the semester.

During the Spring 2014 semester, I taught a small, late night, class. 
Because of the class size,students recited 5 or 6 times throughout 
the semester. This recitation schedule required extra preparedness 
throughout the semester. A review of exam grades proved that this 
consistent extra preparedness led to a somewhat higher class average.

Based upon student evaluation comments, as well as the results in the 
smaller Spring 2014 class, I have recently abandoned the alphabetic 
recitation model of the past and used specified page assignments for 
extra preparedness. I utilized this concept in Marital Property 
during the Fall of 2014 and, it proved successful. The recitation 
throughout the semester was excellent; hopefully, that trend will 

The book to be used this semester is the 2013 edition of TEXAS FAMILY 
LAW - PRECEDENT & PROCEDURE published by Imprimatur Press. You will 
also be required to have a current (encompassing 2013 legislative 
changes) copy of the TEXAS FAMILY CODE - an annotated version
is preferred. While Chapter 1, focusing on constitutional concerns, 
does not specifically reference any Texas Family Code sections, all 
chapters thereafter are based, for the most part, on Texas law.
So, after Chapter 1 is completed, you should bring both your text AND 
the Family Code to class.

The class has been divided into 4 Groups (set forth below). Each 
group will be assigned 6 specific page assignments (also set forth 
below) for which each person in the group must be extra
prepared. Students must be fully and thoroughly prepared for the 
pages assigned to them. The recitation will be random within the 
assigned group. You may be called on during every extra
preparedness class or it may be limited to 2 or 3 times during the 
semester...this will incorporate a more random approach. The 
assignments are set forth below.

GROUP 1 - Student last names A-E Pages Assigned: 1-27; 103-123; 190-
211;271-295; 370-394; 457-482

GROUP 2 - Student last names G-J Pages Assigned: 27-52; 123-144; 212-
233;295-320; 394-413; 483-505

GROUP 3 - Student last names K-N Pages Assigned: 52-78; 144-166; 234-
251;320-345; 414-439; 506-526

GROUP 4 - Student last names O-Z Pages Assigned: 79-102 166-189; 251-
270;346-369; 439-356; 526-554

See you all Tuesday, January 20, 2015!
Professor George

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