Fall 2015 or Summer Intersession Initial Class Assignment for:

Internet Legal Research

Instructor: Dr. Steiner

First class date: Monday, August 10th

Posting date: Aug 4, 2015 @ 13:32:46


Do all this stuff before we meet on Monday, August 10th.
1.  Read for the first day, chapters 1, 3-6, and 10 of Scroggs and 
Waters, Free Internet Legal Research (for the second day, read 
chapters 2 and 9).  The book should be in the bookstore by 
Wednesday, August 5th.
2.  Register at PACER for Case Search Only, 
    You have to provide a credit card when you register but PACER 
doesn't bill for usage under $10 per quarter and we will be under 
that limit.
3.  Register for Online Services at the Harris County District Clerk 
4.  Register for email newsletters for a particular practice area at 
both Findlaw and Justia.  You will have to register but registration 
is free at both sites (newsletters.findlaw.com/; 
law.justia.com/subscriptions).  Pick a practice area that might be 
useful to you.
5.  Pick two legal blogs to follow. Pick two that you aren't already 
familiar with and might actually be useful to you.  Be sure to pick 
blogs with frequent posts.  For a selection 
of blogs, try the ABA Blawg Directory (www.abajournal.com/blawgs/)
or the list compiled by the State Bar of Texas (Google: State Bar 
Texas Law Blogs).
6.  Before the first class, send me an email (msteiner@stcl.edu) 
explaining your choices of newsletters and blog.
Class will be held in the large computer lab on the third floor of 
the library. We start at 9:00. 

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