Winter Intersession or Spring 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Professional Responsibility § A

Instructor: Dru Stevenson

First class date: 01/16/2014

Posting date: Dec 13, 2013 @ 09:05:11


Professional Responsibility – Pre-class Assignment

Professor Dru Stevenson

BEFORE the first day of class, please self-administer the FIRST 
practice test in the Exam Pro book, and grade yourself using the 
answer key in the book.  This is actually a practice MPRE.  

TEXT FOR THIS TEST:  Exam Pro on Professional Responsibility (West 
Publ 2011) By Leslie W. Abramson, ISBN-13: 9780314264756 (Course 
casebook is listed below)

Taking a test at the beginning of the course is a great diagnostic 
to help see how much you already know (or can guess) about the 
material, and how much you need to learn in the course.  The final 
exam for the course will have many questions that are VERY similar 
to those in the Exam Pro book, so you will start the course with a 
preview of the final exam, already knowing some of the questions 
that will appear on the test.

DOWNLOADS & READING – before the first day of class, please DOWNLOAD 
the following articles from these URLs.  Read the Introductions for 
each, and skim the rest, for the SECOND CLASS, when we will discuss 

A Million Little Takings -
Rethinking IOLTA -
Monopsony Problems with Court-Appointed Counsel -
Lawyering in the Shadow of Data -

CASEBOOK for COURSE (no pre-class readings required): PROBLEMS IN 
LEGAL ETHICS (10th ed West Publ 2012) By Mortimer D. Schwartz, 
Richard C. Wydick, Rex R. Perschbacher, Debra Lyn Bassett, ISBN-13: 

Recommended: Professional Responsibility - Sum & Substance (Audio 
CD) by John S. Dzienkowski, ISBN-10: 0314152865  
COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1) Prepare students to pass the MPRE on the first 
try; 2) Inform students of the legal regulations and rules governing 
lawyers and law firms, as well as the procedures for enforcement, as 
students plan to practice within a highly regulated profession; and 
3) Provide training in moral and ethical reasoning skills.  

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