Spring 2016 or Winter Intersession Initial Class Assignment for:

Property I § A

Instructor: Prof. Ortiz

First class date: Wednesday, Jan. 13

Posting date: Jan 2, 2016 @ 22:52:36


Required texts:
* Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander, Schill & Strahilevitz, Property (8th
ed. 2014). 
* Peter T. Wendel, A Possessory Estates and Future Interests Primer
(3d ed. 2007).  Please note that any edition of the Wendel primer can
be used; however, assignments on the syllabus refer to the third edition.	

Assignment for Wednesday, January 13:
* D&K 1 – 26
* Tyrannosaurus Sue Background – link is located on Stanley course
page as “Featured Link”

Assignment for Wednesday, January 20:
* D&K 26 – 40

Seating assignments:
Seating assignments will be posted at the classroom before the first
class.  Please sit in your assigned seat.  If you have a specific
seating request, please e-mail me at fortiz@stcl.edu at least one day
before the first class with your request.  Please state your name,
request and basis for the request, and I will make every effort to
accommodate your needs.  If open seats are available after the seating
chart is set, I will open them up to students who wish to change seats
at the end of the first class.

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