Winter Intersession or Spring 2014 Initial Class Assignment for:

Texas Criminal Procedure § B

Instructor: Susan Crump

First class date: 01/15/2014

Posting date: Jan 14, 2014 @ 10:54:06


I.    TEXTS:  Texas Criminal Procedure, Reamey & Bubany (11th Ed.)
              Texas Criminal Codes Plus (2012-2013)

      A.  Duties of Prosecutors
          -Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 2.01-2.02
      B.  Jurisdiction of Texas Courts
          -Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 4.03-4.08; 4.11;
      C.  Classification of Crimes
          -Texas Penal Code Sections 12.03-12.04
      D.  Punishments
          -Texas Penal Code Sections 12.03-12.04
      E.  Amores v. State (Page 2 in text)
      F.  Miller v. State (Page 7 in text) 
      G.  TCCP Article 3823

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