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Winter Intersession and Spring 2015 Initial Class Assignments

NOTE: You should reload this page if you have been here recently in order to insure that you are seeing all currently available assignments. New assignment submissions are added to the top of the list. CHECK THE ENTIRE LIST FOR MODIFIED ASSIGNMENTS.

Texas Criminal Proceudre § B, Crump

Mock Trial Litigation, Dean T. Gerald Treece & Adjuncts

Mediation, Theory & Practice § B, Professor Alfini

Torts I § A, Moore

Corporate Finance, Gary Rosin

Agency & Partnership § B, Gary Rosin

Corporations § b, Leahy

Agency & Partnership § a, Leahy

Evidence, Crump

Arbitration Law, Greenberg

Contracts II § (a), Ricks

Payment Systems § A, Associate Dean and Professor John J. Worley

Corporations § (a), Ricks

Payment Systems § b, David East

Oil & Gas, Michael Jones

Intellectual Property Litigation, Prof. Field

Oil, Gas & Mineral Law § B, Kulander

Advanced Oil & Gas Law, Kulander

Professional Responsibility § c, Jean Powers

LRW-2. Legal Research & Writing II § A&E, Rutledge (Mathis Rutledge)

Contracts II § c, Jean Powers

Torts II § A, Prof. Field

State Constitutional Law, Rhodes

Constitutional Law § C, Rhodes

Texas Criminal Procedure , Professor Sandra Carnahan

Health Law Survey, Professor Sandra Carnahan

Family Law § A, George

Marital Property & Homestead § A, George

Legal Research and Writing 2 § B & G, Professor Amanda Harmon Cooley

Constitutional Law § b, Dean T. Gerald Treece

Family Law § B, Browne-Barbour

Torts II § C, Browne-Barbour

Secured Transactions § A, Professor Musselman

Federal Income Tax § A, Professor Musselman

Consumer Transactions § B, John Bauman

Torts II § B, John Bauman

Wills, Trusts and Estates § A, Professor Siegel

Federal Income Taxation § B, Professor Siegel

Texas Pretrial Procedure § B, E. Carlson

Texas Trial and Appellate § A, E. Carlson

Evidence Seminar - Forensic Evidence, Mathis Rutledge

Collective Bargaining, R. Carlson

Employment Law, R. Carlson

LRW II § K & N, Professor Sparling

Criminal Litigation Drafting § 505-LW, Rutledge & Peters

Education Law Seminar, Professor Amanda Harmon Cooley

Property I § C, Rensberger

Civil Procedure § A, Rensberger

Contracts I § A, Professor Phillip Page

Trade Secrets, Professor Phillip Page

Internet Legal Research, Dr. Steiner

Texas Pretrial Procedure § A, Dr. Steiner

Consumer Transactions § A, Dr. Steiner

Contracts II § B, Kelso

First Amendment Law § A, Kelso

Bar Pre-View Program - REVISED § C, Limmer

Bar Pre-View Program - REVISED § B, Limmer

Bar Pre-View Program - REVISED § A, Limmer

Animal Law, Ortiz

Bankruptcy Reorganization, Hague

Secured Transactions § B, Hague

Property I § B, Ortiz

Partnership & Subchapter S Taxation, Bruce McGovern

Civil Procedure § B, Wilks

Professional Responsibility § B, Wilks

Property II, Professor O. Moya

Environmental Law, Professor O. Moya

Criminal Trial Advocacy § a, Ray Moses

Opening Statement and Jury Argument, Ray Moses

Patent Prosecution & Claim Drafting, Prof. Peter J. Shurn

Guns, Laws & Politics, Prof. Peter J. Shurn

Criminal Trial Advocacy § B, Judge Gist

Recent Supreme Ct. Cases Seminar, Birnberg

Deposition Skills § 15008, Professor Lewinbuk

Criminal Procedure § B, K. Williams

Criminal Law § A, K. Williams

Corporate Taxation, K. Yamamoto

Taxation - Advanced Income, K. Yamamoto

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