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The Houston College of Law Career Resource Center provides reasonable access to resources to students and alumni of other schools on the following terms:


  • Reciprocity privileges will be available only to other ABA accredited / NALP Member law schools that provide reciprocity privileges to students and alumni of Houston College of Law.

Requests for Reciprocity

  • Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing by a career services/placement official of the requesting law school on the student or graduates behalf. The student or graduate should wait for their copy of the response prior to contacting Houston College of Law. The individual should bring a copy of their letter when visiting our office.

Duration and Limitations

  • Reciprocity services are available for a period of four months, beginning with the date on the original correspondence granting reciprocity. Requests may be renewed in the same manner in which the original request was made and only one renewal will be granted during any given year (a total of 8 months in any 12 month period).

  • Reciprocity will be unavailable and all requests will be denied between August 1 and November 15 of each year due to fall recruiting schedules.

  • Through mutual agreement, reciprocity services are not made available to students of the other two Houston area law schools.

  • We will not grant reciprocity to students already taking advantage of reciprocal career services at any other Houston law school. Reciprocity services are only available with one of the Houston area law schools at any given time for the designated subscription period.

  • The Career Resource Center reserves the right to deny services for any reason, including the misuse of the facilities or services or any school surpassing a reasonable number of requests within any academic year. The Reciprocity policy of Houston College of Law may be further amended or restricted if it is deemed necessary to do so in the interest of Houston College of Law.

Resources Available

  • Use of the resource materials & NALP publications

  • Use of on-site computer, phone, fax and copy machine

  • Access to the Job Listings posted by theHouston College of LawCareer Resource Center via Symplicity ($35.00 check made out to “Houston College of Law” for four months access, which will be granted on the day payment is received).

  • THESE SERVICES MAY BE LIMITED FURTHER IF THE REQUESTING SCHOOL OFFERS ACCESS THAT IS DIFFERENT THAN DESCRIBED ABOVE (If, for example, the requesting school offers access for a shorter period or does not offer online access toHouston College of Lawthen access may be limited to that of the requesting school).

Unavailable Resources

  • Participation in On-Campus Interviews & Job Fairs

  • Resume forwarding, Resume collect and “Blind” job postings

  • Individual Counseling & Marketing Materials review



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