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Services to Students

Communications and information sharing are important elements of the law school experience. Without the full picture - which we strive to present through programming and resources - it is almost impossible to make well-informed career decisions. Assumptions, which are often brought into law school, must be checked out, application dates and timetables confirmed and efforts made to understand and appreciate the full range of opportunities made possible by a legal education. Information about the legal profession is an important part of making appropriate career decisions. It is also important that students assume responsibility for utilizing the programs and resources sponsored by the Career Resources Center.

The realities of the legal market require that career decisions be an on-going and developmental process. This process begins during the first semester of law school and continues through graduation. To better acquaint students with the transitional nature of the process, the Career Resources Center offers the following resources and services.

Individual Counseling
We encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your career related questions with a professional staff member. We are also willing to see you on a drop-in basis if a staff member is available.

Topics Covered During Counseling Sessions Include:

  • Getting Started - overview of services
  • Career Exploration - discuss strategies and resources
  • Resume - creating or refining a resume
  • Cover Letter - creating or refining a cover letter
  • Interviewing - for jobs and information gathering
  • Internships - strategies, resources, and tools
  • Job Search - strategies, resources, and tools
  • Researching Organizations - companies, organizations, and associations
  • Networking - identifying and accessing professional contacts for information and insight
  • Job Search Timeline
  • Career Redirection - exploring options
  • And much more

Resume/Cover Letter Review
Students may drop off resumes or cover letters at the Career Resources Center. It will be critiqued and returned to you within an agreen upon time frame.

Panels, Programs and Workshops
The Career Resources Center invites alumni and other practitioners from a wide variety of practice settings to speak with students about their practice and their careers. These programs are important educational vehicles for students to learn about the practice of law and to meet practitioners in their areas of interest.

We also schedule skills workshops designed to help prepare students for the job search process. These topics of these sessions are continually evolving but have included presentations on: Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviewing Skills, and Job-Search Strategies.

Videotaped Mock Interviews
An individual, videotaped, mock interview is an effective means of improving interview skills. The mock interviews are held regularly and are first come first serve.

Recruitment & Interview Programs
Recruiting programs are managed through a web-based program by Symplicity at:
. This program allows students the ability to:

  • search all of our employers participating in on-campus, off-campus and resume collection programs. Also, search all employers submitting job postings;
  • post their resume to the Web in a downloadable PDF format and submit it to Career Resources electronically to be sent to employers;
  • receive notification of interview selections by e-mail; and
  • sign-up for interviews on the Web.

Job Postings
The Career Resources Center receives job postings from employers throughout the year. These notices are for summer positions, permanent positions, and positions which are part-time during the academic year. They are located in the Job Bank at:

Resume Collection
Some employers request that the Career Resources Center collect the resumes of interested students and forward the resumes to them in one packet. Students will be notified of employers though Symplicity.

On-Campus Recruiting

During the fall of your second and third year, many employers will interview students on-campus. If you choose to participate, you will find a list of participating employers at:

Career Resources Library

The Career Services Resource Library includes books, directories, and periodicals on a wide range of legal employment areas and issues. The resources library also houses background information about employers who have participated in STCL recruiting events in the past.

Telephone, Fax, Copier, Scanner, and Computer

Students may make any job-related telephone calls, both local and long distance, free of charge. Students may also use the fax machine, copier, scanner, and computers for job search purposes.





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