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Stand-alone Programs designed for newly licensed attorneys to seasoned litigators,
The Complete Advocate Series offers those who attend the opportunity to obtain MCLE hours
while learning and/or honing their advocacy skills in a simulated practice or courtroom environment.

Getting It In and Keeping It In

April 23 , 2010
9:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m.

Experienced litigators make it look so easy! Not only do they have the right evidence to produce at the right time in the trial, but the judge seems to always rule in their favor.

Have you ever wondered why your objections seem to be overruled every time you make them? Have you had difficulty getting the court to admit evidence when you ask for it to be admitted? You remember what you learned about evidence in law school, and you usually dedicate at least a day to review the rules of evidence before heading to trial. Why is it that your evidence never seems to be admitted when the other side seems to have no problems getting theirs in?

During this Complete Advocate Series Program, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from an expert about ways to ensure their evidence is admitted during trial and they hear "Sustained" more often than "Overruled" when they object to the other side's evidence. Attendees will also have an opportunity to "practice what they've learned" using hypothetical fact situations - and will receive immediate feedback about their performance.

Accredited for 6.0 hour of MCLE credit, including .50 hour of legal ethics.

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