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South Texas College of Law

March 6-7, 2014
Houston, Texas


  • Barrow, Kara L., Attorney at Law
  • Bermudez, Cynthia
  • Bravo-Carnley, Nissa R., Burgower & Rainwater, L.L.P.
  • Brint, Adrienne, Solvay
  • Brown, Harelda G., City of Houston Legal
  • Cedrone Bianca, Ramos Law Firm
  • Chacon, Marina, South Texas College of Law - Student
  • Gad, Christina, Attorney at Law
  • Gaines, Gregory L., Law Office of Gregory L. Gaines
  • Ho, Judy Hue, Attorney at Law
  • Josephson, Sean R., The Adams Law Firm
  • Malone, Kalen A., The Adams Law Firm
  • Moore, Angela L., Attorney at Law
  • Mora, Tara L., The Deaton Law Firm
  • Morrow, Wanda T., South Texas College of Law - Staff
  • Newman, Deborah A., Newman Law Firm
  • Pagel, Elizabeth S., Lanier & Pagel LLP
  • Pleasant, Laurie L., Law Office of Laurie L. Pleasant
  • Rosga, Patricia A. Law Office of Carol Wilson
  • Simon, Stephen A., Attorney at Law
  • Sternberg, Paul M., Attorney at Law
  • Taylor, Karen M., Levin & Atwood, LLP
  • Vedi, Anuradha V., The Vedi Law Firm
  • Williams, Brian D., Law Offices of Brian D. Williams



Continuiing Legal Education

Garrett Townes Hall

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