Students in the Mediation Clinic get real world experience in assisting parties to reach resolution, if possible, in a wide variety of disputes. The civil cases in which students serve as third party facilitators include disputed matters as diverse as:

  • landlord-tenant
  • contract
  • employment
  • consumer disputes
  • school truancy

Through this clinical experience students are able to develop and refine a variety of interpersonal skills that are important to effective problem solving and practical lawyering. As they learn by doing, students also explore the rapidly developing field of alternative dispute resolution and contemporary law practice with its emphasis on settlement.

While most law school clinical experiences have students perform the role of advocate or representative, in this setting students act as neutral third-parties. In their role as mediators, students help disputants to reach a resolution to the conflict that the parties themselves design. The student-mediator assists the parties in that process by conducting a facilitated negotiation.


Honorable Bruce Wettman
Adjunct Professor
Debra Berman
Acting Director
Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution



  • Justice of the Peace Courts in Harris and surrounding counties
  • Houston Better Business Bureau
  • Houston Independent School District in conjunction with the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center
  • Regional Houston office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution


  • Students in this clinic provide public service by assisting the courts, the school district, and federal agencies through volunteer mediators.
  • Clinic students donate hundreds of free mediation service hours to the community each semester.
  • Through their research efforts, Mediation Clinic students support the development and expansion of new delivery models for ADR, such as On-Line Dispute Resolution.