Winter 1991
Vol. I, No. 1

Review of U.S.-Mexico Environmental Issues
Senator Lloyd Bentsen

NAFTA and the Environment: Public Citizen v. Office of United States Trade Representative, 91-1916 (D.D.C. Aug. 1, 1991)
J. Todd Ivey and L.Charles Van Cleef, assisted by Edith Premazon

Foreign Investment in the Mexican Energy Sector
Jeffrey Boyd Lucas and Mike Waters

NAFTA: Legal Issues for Agriculture
Fred O. Boadu

Mexico's Use of Agricultural Licensing
Allen Rogers, David Wilson, and Darryl Wolfe

The Implications of NAFTA on the Maquiladoras in Mexico
Rodolpho Sandoval

Maquiladoras: A Basic Primer
Jose D. Garcia and Robert Loughran

Rules of Origin and NAFTA
Fred O. Boadu and Steve M. Wise

The President's Report to Congress on the Likely Effects of NAFTA on U.S. Labor-An Examination
Craig L. Jackson

Essay: Houston's Historic and Economic Interest in NAFTA
Miguel R. San Juan and Jack H. Ewing

Recent Developments
Robert L. Bostwick and Gregory Stark

Summer 1992
Vol. 1, No. 2

International Intellectual Property: Recent Developments And Issues For The Coming Decade
Alan S. Gutterman

Mexico's New Intellectual Property Law
Edwin Friesenhahn

Entering International Markets: An Experiential Guide
Stephen E. Handel

Doing Business In The CIS: An Interview With Michael L. Parks
Michael L. Parks, Leslie A. Henges, and Anita Krosby

The Formation Of Foreign-Controlled Mexican Companies: Important Practical Considerations
Daniel Cavazos, J.D. and Dale A. Kimball, Jr., J.D.

How The GATT Will Affect Less-Developed Countries
Carl Mabbs-Zeno

The Uruguay Round: United States And European Community Stumble Over Agriculture
Kenneth R. Bell and Owen Ralston

Recent Developments
Daphine Patelis and David Ryan

Super 301: A Possible Return
Stanton K. Strickland

Winter 1992
Vol. II, No. 1

The European Community's Changing Agricultural Policies
E. Wesley F. Peterson and Samarendu Mohanty

Labor Laws in the European Community
Michele C. Moinar

The European Economic Area: A General Overview, Its Significance, and Future
Wayne P. Bunch, Jr.

Current Status of the European Community

A Guide to Industrial Property, Franchising, and Licensing in Mexico
Joyce G. Mazero, John B. McKnight, and Carlos Müggenburg

Environmental Controversies and Compromises at the Rio Conference
Bryan Baker

GATT Tuna Decision: International Trade and Environmentalism
Mark L. Clark

Indonesia: A Current Perspective
Stephen Wallace

Reconciling Differences: Japan and The United States
Nadim I. Cook and Owen Ralston

Summer 1993
Vol. II, No. 2

The NAFTA Import Surge Fallacy
Robert J. Ward, Jr.

Policy Changes For Latin America?
Scott C. Billings

Canadian Focus on NAFTA and Services
Kim G. Yelton

The Public Citizen Decision: Its Potential Effects on NAFTA And Other Trade Agreements
Stephen L. Miller

Table: Selected Rules of International Arbitration
D. Michael Dodd

Designing Arbitration Clauses in Trasnational Contracts
Joyce E. Stevens and Clarinda Comstock

Political Risk and Petroleum Investment in Russia
Paul E. Comeaux and N. Stephan Kinsella

Regional Trade Issues Facing the Clinton Administration
Lee F. Haas

Spring 1994
Vol. III, No. 1

Regulatory Hurdles to Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
John A. Cottingham, Daniel J. Churay, and Nigel J. Swycher

Trade and Investment Programs Between the United States and the Newly Independent States
Judy A. Weaver

MERCOSUR: The South American Common Market
Juan E. Curuchet

Chile: An Open Door to Foreign Investment
Beatriz E. Trillos

Eximbank Credit Support for Financing U.S. Exports
F. Walter Bistline, Jr. and Mary C. Townsend

U.S. Concerns Regarding China's Bid to Enter GATT
Ted G. Kennedy

Anti-Counterfeit in Thailand
Dhiraphol Suwanprateep

The Asuncion Treaty and the Law of the States
Mariano Augusto Cavagna Martinez

Dealing with Japan: Framework Agreement Versus Super 301
Tamara Sheffield & Ben D. Huynh

Fall 1994
Vol. III, No. 2

How Doing Business With Mexico Affects Choice of Business Entity
Rona R. Mears

Texas Mexico Bar Association
Wayne I. Fagan & Scott C. Billings

Securing Investments in Civil Law Countries: Some Technical and Practical Aspects Involving Security Interests in Foreign-Based Movable Assets
Alejandro M. Garro

The Uruguay Round's Dispute Settlement Understanding: Ensuring a More Stable and Predictable Trading Environment
William P. Haddock

The Legal Evolution of Mexican Environmental Laws
Humberto Celis

The NAFTA Side Agreements
Perspective on Oil & Gas Investments in the Former Soviet Union
Thomas W. Wälde

The Uruguay Round: What GATT Means to the United States
Ziad N. Zarka & Eric V. Blanchard

Update: Doing Business in Hungry

Edwin Friesenhahn

Apec Update

Summer Supplement 1995
Vol. III, Supplement

Prospects for the UKCS: Boom Years Ahead?
Bruce Westbrook

North Sea Partnering, Alliances, and Gainsharing: One Step Further!
Penelope Warne

Cutting Costs: Oil Company Initiatives, including CRINE
Penelope Warne

The 1994 Energy Charter Treaty: An Overview
Thomas W. Wälde

Competition and Jurisdiction in the North Sea
Penelope Warne

Duties of Directors of Companies Registered in England and Wales
Bruce Westbrook

Immigration Issues for Overseas Workers in the United Kingdom
Bruce Westbrook

FALL 1995
Vol. IV, No. 1

Economic Development in the Information Age: Investing in Telecommunications Infrastructure
Michael Thompson

Protecting Foreign Copyright in the Peoples Republic of China
Kailan M. Niemeyer

Enforceability of Forum-Selection Clauses in International Commercial Contracts
R. Doak Bishop & David B. Lee

Delay and Cost Booby Traps in Arbitration Practice, and How to Avoid Them
Tom Arnold

Taxation of Oil and Gas Produced in Russia by U.S. Companies
Dorothy May

Edwin Friesenhahn

Winter 1995
Vol. IV, No. 2

International Software Distribution: Legal Concerns
Phillip D. Porter

The Expatriation Tax and International Human Rights
Anthony D'Amato

The U.S. Trade Embargo Against Cuba: The Time Has Come to End This Cold-War Relic
Annie Swank

The Use, Abuse, and Possible Reform of Section 337
Dr. Michael David Rostoker & Sharon Raye Brown

The Application of U.S. Law by Binational Review Panels in the Softwood Lumber Case
Brian Rhodes

Environmental Pollution Along the U.S.-Mexico Border and an Overview of Mexico's General Law for Ecological Equilibrium and Protection of the Environment
Adrian R. Martinez

Hazardous Waste Trade: U.S. Ratification of the Basel Convention is Still Needed
Ingrid A. de Graaff

The Case Law of the European Court of Justice on Free Trade and the Environment
Kurt Riechenberg

European Attempts Toward a Unified Securities Market in High-Risk, High-Growth Companies
Justus W. Lapham

Selected Bibliography re: NAFTA
Anne L. Abramson

Summer 1996 (5th Anniversary Issue)
Vol. V, No. 1

Transnational Bankruptcy Proceedings: Making Sure Creditors Worldwide Get an Equitable Recovery
Shari L. Heyen

Competing With the Anticompetitive: The Structure and Effectiveness of Japan's Antimonopoly Law
Michael J. DePonte

The Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Export Controls
James M. Fisher, II

The U.S. Supreme Court on International Arbitration vis-à-vis COGSA Liability
Eric V. Blanchard

Intellectual Property and NAFTA
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

Statutory Exclusion of Medical Procedure Patents: Will History Repeat Itself?
Johnathan F. Elliston & Alan R. Thiele

Summary of New Laws in Mexico
Guillermo Marrero

World Trade Organization: A First-Year Review
Milan H. Kim

Edwin Friesenhahn

Winter 1996
Vol. V, No. 2

The Central European Free Trade Agreement: Its Background, Purposes and Current Developments
Leszek Leszczyñski

The TRIPs Agreement in Action: Japan in the Hotseat
James E. Hudson, III

MERCOSUR Protocol for the Harmonization of Intellectual Property Provisions in the Field of Trademarks
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

Hazardous Waste and the Mercado Común del Sur (MERCOSUR): How a Regional Trade Agreement Handles the Problems of Environmental Protection
Arthur (Arturo) Grimaldo, II

Global Enforcement of Judgements: Is the United States Making Progress?
R. G. Jones

International Legal Research on the Internet
Monica M. Ortale

NAFTA: Bridging the U.S./Mexico Environmental Gap
Laura Shinn Westin

The Bittersweet Effects of Domestic Sugar Law
Lucea Suzan Kedron

Summer 1997
Vol. VI, No. 1

An Empirical Analysis of the Growth and Autonomy of the Office of the United States Trade Representative
Fred O. Boadu and Jie Shen

Helms-Burton: The Sword of Damocles?
Simon Purnell

Protocol for the Amendment of the Central American Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property in the Field of Trademarks and Other Distinctive Signs
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

The WTO Set the Stage in Singapore: First Ministerial Conference
T. Sholeh Johnson

International Transactions in Latin America Involving Oil and Gas
Jose L. Valera

Deciphering the Encryption Debate: An Introduction and Overview of Encryption Regulation
J. Kirkland Sammons

The Long Saga of the Spratly Islands "Elongated Sandbanks": Overview of the Territorial Disputes among Vietnam, China, and Other Asean Nations in the South China Sea.
Wendy Nicole Duong

Shock Therapy Privatization in the Former Soviet Union: Medicine or Poison?
Michelle Regal Herrman

Winter 1997
Vol. VI, No. 2

Arranging Project Financing for Polar Lights Company in Russia
James W. Skelton, Jr.

Fast Track: The Only Solution for the Future of U.S. Trade
Natalia W. Geren

Geographical Indications on TRIPs and Treaty Law Recently Adopted in The Americas
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

GATT and the World Trade Organization: Has the Ability of the United States to Enforce its Environmental Laws Been Compromised?
Robert Shawver

Canadian Merger Law: Practical Implications for International Transactions
James Musgrove

From Boston to Burma: An Examination of the Massachusetts Restrictive Purchasing Law in Light of the Agreement on Government Procurement
J. Charles Haynes

Moving Cargo Across the Texas-Mexico Boarder, Present and Future
David M. Neipert, J.D.

Forum Selection Agreements Opting Out of U.S. Securities Laws
Penny Traver-Lorenzo

Summer 1998
Vol. VII, No. 1

The Spiral of Time: A Historical Perspective on International Law Protection for Transnational Investment in the Twenty-first Century
Ewell E. Murphy, Jr.

International Antitrust: A Comparison of the European Union and the United States
Patrick B. Larkin

The Brave New Cuba
Terry O'Neill

Italian Telecommunications: On Line with Europe
David M. Dobson and Marcantonio Pinci

The Regulatory Implications of International Telecommunications Liberalization: New Roles for the WTO and ITU
Mark A. Crichton

Multilateral Trade and Supranational Environmental Protection
Michelle Treviño-Aguilar

The European Data Protection Directive and European-U.S. Trade
Fred H. Cate

Winter 1998
Vol. VII, No. 2

International Electronic Commerce: Some Legal Aspects
Fernando Piera

The Euro: A Trojan Horse for Europe or a Real Rival to the U.S. Dollar?
Bridgett Overlease

What Might the Impact of the Euro be on Latin America's Trade and Finance Markets
Ricardo J. Cata

How the Western Hemisphere will be Won!
Matthew Barrier

Implementation of the Santiago Summit Plan of Action in the Field: A Look at USAID's Programs in Education, Democracy, Trade Integration, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction in Guatemala
Steven E. Hendrix

The Evolution of Commercial and Insurance Law in Post-Cold War Russia
John Welch

The Treaty of Amsterdam: Some Progresses, Many Disappointments
Jorge Bacelar Gouveia and Margarida Telles Romão

Staying Out of the Grasp of the GATT: Attempts to Protect Animals at the expense of Free Trade
Brooks Ware

The Scope of the Counterfeiting Problem
Peter Lowe

Summer 1999
Vol. VIII, No. 1

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: The Piracy/Counterfeiting Problem and Antipiracy and Anticounterfeiting Measures
Don E. Tomlinson

Piracy in the Information Age: Effective Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Larry Pfeil

Preventing Counterfeiting: Obligation and Opportunity
Lewis Kontnik

Music on the Internet: Can the Present Laws and Treaties Protect Music Copyright in Cyberspace?
Stephen Summer

Manufacturers' Responsibility for Harms Suffered by Victims of Counterfeiters: A Modern Elaboration of Causation Rules and Fundamental Tort Law.
Arthur Best

U.S. Export Controls on Dual-Use Goods and Technologies: Is the High Tech Industry Suffering?
R. Aylan Broadbent

Criminalization of Trade Secret Theft: On the Second Anniversary of the Economic Espionage Act
John R. Bauer & Joseph F. Savage, Jr.

Exporation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-Are We Doing Enough to Ensure Our Goal of Global Compliance With Its Content?
Brooks Ware

Trademark Enforcement in Mexico
Hedwig A. Lindner López

Winter 1999
Vol. VIII, No.2

The Convergence of International Trade and Competition Law Through A WTO Market Access Code
Charles M. Gastle

Proposed Changes to the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act: How will they affect the United States Maritime Industry at the Global Level?
Leslie W. Taylor

The Maritime Industry and the "ISM" Code
Paul S. Edelman

The Electronic Marine Insurance Certificate
George F. Chandler, III

Chapter 11: The Efforts to Define Expropriation
Ana Tschen

New Struggle with and Old Menace: Towards a Revised Definiton of Maritime Piracy
Philip A. Buhler

A Brief Prelude: Hadley v. Baxendale, Y2K, and Maritime Trade (Sometimes the Bowsprit gets attached to the Rudder)
Alexander J. Bolla & R. Brian Tipton

The International Monetary Fund: Wallet Sore to the West or Savior to the Global Financial Crisis
Dan Taylor

Chinese Law on Carriage of Goods by Sea under Bills of Lading
Xia Chen

Summer 2000
Vol. IX, No. 1

Marine Pollution from Ships: The Australian Legal Regime
Michael White

Does International Trade Really Trump Environmental Law? A Maritime Perspective
James J. Woodruff

Russian Customs Laws as Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment
Myron R. Morales

The "ILL-LICIT" Effects on NAFTA: Increased Drug Trafficking into the United States through the Southwest Boarder
J. Patrick LaRue

Overview of the Environmental Law of Mexico
George R. Gonzales & Maria Gastelum

The Basic Law of Hong Kong and its Effects on the Environment
Lisa A. Royee

The Ocean Shipping and Reform Act of 1998
Paul S. Edelman

A Worldwide Problem: Domain Names Disputes in Cyberspace. Who is in Control?
David Romero

Limitations of Vessel Owner's Liability; Inapplicability to Non-Shipowners
Richard J. Arsenault

Tortious Interference with International Contracts
Travis Newport

The Cyberspace Showdown: Jurisdictional Jurisprudence-The United States Versus the European Union
Ryan Marlatt