Internet Legal Research -- Summer 2005
Professor Solomon
Unit Five:
Federal Law Resources

Federal "Mega" Pages
Guide to the Federal Legal System (LLRX)
First Gov -- US Gov't's Official Web Portal
Google Uncle Sam
Federal Web Locator
Fed World Gov
Library of Congress
Federal Statistics
Findlaw Federal Resources

Federal Courts
Guide To Law Online: U.S. Judiciary
Federal Judiciary Homepage
Federal Judiciary Court Links
Federal Court Finder (Emory)
Federal Judicial Center
United States Supreme Court
Findlaw Supreme Court Center
LII Supreme Court Collection
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez
Fifth Circuit (including Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and local rules)
United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (including local rules)
United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas
United States District Court for the Western District of Texas
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
National Law Library
Findlaw Case Searching
LII Circuit Search
Court Rules, Forms, & Dockets (LLRX)
Researching Jury Verdicts in the Internet (LLRX)

United States Constitution
Guide To Law Online: U.S. Constitution

Federal Statutes & Legislation
Guide To Law Online: U.S. Legislative
GPO Legislative Branch Resources
United States Code Classification Tables
Legislative History Via Thomas
Gov Track
LLSDC Legislative History Sourcebook
Thomas' Internet Resources For Legislative Branch
GPO Congressional Record Search
US House of Representatives
US Senate
Congressional Budget Office
Roll Call -- Capitol Hill Newspaper

Federal Administrative Resources
Guide To Law Online: U.S. Executive
GPO Executive Branch Resources
U.S. Federal Government Agencies (LSU)
CFR Main Page
Available CFR Titles
CFR: Retrieve By Citation
Federal Register
Federal Administrative Decisions
IRS -- Internal Revenue Service
Tax Links -- IRS Revenue Rulings
U.S. Tax Court
EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency
Consumer Product Safety Commission
US Consumer Gov Gateway
Nat'l Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) Recalls & Safety Alerts
US Department of Labor
Family & Medical Leave Act Advisor (US Dep't Labor)
Employment Laws Assistance for Workers & Small Businesses (US Dep't Labor)
OSHA -- Occupational Safety & Health Admin. (US Dep't Labor)
EEOC -- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Links
Labor & Employment Law Internet Resources (LLRX)
US Department of Justice (DOJ)
Solicitor General
DOJ ADA Resources
DOJ Antitrust Division
DOJ Antitrust Guidelines
SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission)
SEC Info
Security Lawyer's Deskbook
Search SEC
Plain Language.Gov

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