Materials for Agency & Partnership

Prof. Gary S. Rosin

First Class Assignment

Syllabus (Fall 2004) (PDF format or RTF format)

Errata sheets for Rosin & Closen, Agency, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

Additional Notes to Green v. H & R Block, Inc. (Part 1)

Problem 1.4


Additional Notes on Schock v. Nash

Problem 6.8

Radding v. Freedom Choice Mortgage, LLC

Problem 7.5

Sonet v. [Plum Creek] Timber Co.
Selected Provisions of Limited Partnership Agreement

Additional Notes on Sonet v. [Plum Creek] Timber Co.

Additional Notes on Zukaitis v. Aetna Casualty & Insurance

Schock v. United States

Problem 14.4.5

Problem 14.5.5

Additional Notes on Fidelity Bank v. Gorson

Chart on Voluntary Dissolutions in Partnerships

Problem 16.1.5

Uniform Partnership and Limited Liability Company Laws

Rosin Class Materials

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