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Listservs and Newsletters

   ABA Site-tation

   Central Notice: Free E-Mail Notices

   Findlaw Legal News (Newsletter)

   Findlaw - LegalMinds - Listservs (Legal Newswire)

   Legal Information Institute (Supreme Court Updates)

   ListTool -'s Legal Mailing and Discussion List Manager



   Net-Lawyers Mailing List Home Page - product recalls, class actions, etc.

   Washburn's Lists and Discussion Groups

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Some Basic Sites

   Free Services

   Findlaw: Internet Legal Resources

   Internet Hotlist of Research Guides

   The Internet Lawyer

   Katsuey Kat's Legal Links - Legal Research Mega-Site for Attorneys and Law Firms

   LawOffice - find a lawyer by name, practice area, or location

   Legal Information Institute



   LLRX - Law Library Resource Xchange

   Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List

   TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations

   The Virtual Chase (™) a Research Site for Legal Professionals


   Pay Services




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   Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

   FreeSkills - Online computer skills training in Windows, Excel, Office, etc.

   Internet Skills and Strategies for the Legal Researcher

   Learn the Net - An Internet guide and tutorial

   Popular Search Engine Research Strategies and Rankings

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Search Engines

   Meta Search Engines



   All Search Engines - selects search engines by topic

   The Big Hub

   Dogpile - the friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool

   Go2Net - metacrawler




   Search Engine Watch - catalog of all search engines by category or specialty


   General Search Engines

   AllTheWeb - the most comprehensive web search engine

   Alta Vista

   C4 Total Search Technology

   Direct Hit





   Google - Uncle Sam


   Inference Find - Home page and Resource Center


   Northern Light Search


   Raging Search





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Legal Portals

   All Law

   Brief Reporter - The source for legal briefs

   CataLaw - Meta index of law and government



   GSU College of Law - Meta index for U.S. legal research

   Hieros Gamos - The comprehensive law and government site

   Howard L. Nations Home Page

   Indiana's World Wide Web Virtual Library - main index

   Internet Legal Resource Guide

   Key Legal Resources on the Internet

   Lawguru - 435 Legal search engines and tools


   Legal Engine search index

   Legal Express

   National Center for State Courts

   NCSC's Links to Court and court related web sites

   Roberts' Law and Politics

   Rominger Online Legal Research

   Substantive Law on the Web

   TaxNetUSA - comprehensive source of property tax information

   UT Internet Legal Research Links

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International Legal Materials

   American Society for International Law

   ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law

   ASIL Insights

   British and Irish Legal Information Institute

   CIA 2000 World Factbook

   Colorado Guide to International Legal Research

   Cornell's International Court of Justice Homepage

   Cornell's Guide to Foreign and International Law Resources on the Web

   English Legal Research Web Sites

   European Union Internet Resources

   Foreign Law: Legal Research Resources on the Internet

   German Law Archive

   ILRG: Russian Federation

   International Law Institute

   International Centre for Commercial Law

   International Trade Law Monitor

   Lex Mundi World Reports

   Links to Public International Law

   LOC Global Legal Information Network

   LOC Guide to Collections of multi-national conventions

   National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade

   U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Library - Treaties and International Law

   U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Library - Laws of other Nations

   United Nations Home Page

   United Nations Treaty Collection web site

   United States Trade Representative

   U.S. State Department Official Website

   U.S. State Department - Services

   U.S. State Department - Dispatch Magazine

   U.S. State Department - Services - Country Commercial Guides Index

   Washburn's Links to Foreign and International Law

   Washburn's Links to International and Multilateral Treaties

   Welcome to the World Trade Organization Website

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Federal Legal Materials

   Basic Federal Sites

   Federal Rules of Evidence

   How to effectively locate federal government information on the Web

   IBM Patent Server home page

   LLRX Labor & Employment Law Resources on the Internet

   THOMAS - U.S. Congress on the Web

   Washington Post Federal Internet Guide

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Judicial Sites  

   FedWorld Information Network

   Federal Judiciary Homepage - news and information on Federal Courts

   Federal Civil Cases

   Federal Judicial Center Homepage

   Fifth Circuit Local Rules

   Southern District of Texas Homepage

   U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit

   U.S. Federal Courts Finder

   U.S. Judicial Branch Resources

   VersusLaw - Legal Opinions from the U.S. Supreme, Federal, and State Appellate Courts

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Legislative Sites

   Congressional Mega Sites Plus

   Congressional Documents Home Page

   CapWeb - The Internet guide to the U.S. Congress

   Congressional Record Index

    LLSDC's Legislative Source Book

   United States Code

   USC Table of Popular Names Index

   U.S. Constitution - full text of the United States Constitution

   United States House of Representatives - 106th Congress

   U.S. Tax Code online

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Federal Administrative

   American Bankruptcy Institute

   Antitrust Division (DOJ)

    Aviation Safety Data - 

   Central Intelligence Agency

   Code of Federal Regulations

   CFR Titles on GPO Access

   CFR - retrieve by citation

   Commerce Department Bureaus' Economics and Statistics website

   Commercial Service (Export Assistance) (DOC)

   Consumer Gateway home page

   Consumer Product Safety Commission

   Connect to GPO Access Databases

   Copyright Office home page

   Department of Commerce (DOC)

   DHHS Child Support Home Page

   DOL List of Publications, Fact Sheets and 5500 Forms

   DOL Family Medical Leave Act Advisor

   DOL Employment Workplace Laws

   EEOC home page

   Environmental Protection Agency home page


   Federal Bureau of Investigation home page

   Federal Trademark Search

   Federal Government Agencies Directory

   Federal Register Online

   Federal Trade Commission Actions - 1996 - 2000


   Federal Trade Commission home page

   GovBot - search government related web sites

   Guide to Antitrust Policy

   Guide to Government Contracts

   Housing and Urban Development

   Immigration and Naturalization Service

   International Trade Administration (DOC) Trade Information

   Justice Department (DOJ)

   Labor Department (DOL)

   Market Access and Compliance (DOC)

   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    National Labor Relations Board

   National Transportation Safety Board

   National Institute of Standards and Technology

   OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration

   Office of the Solicitor General

   Office of Thrift Supervision

   Securities and Exchange Commission

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

   ADR Resource Center - newsletter, literature, videos, etc.

   American Arbitration Association



   InternetNeutral - online mediation specialists

   International ADR


   Mediation Information and Resource Center

   Resolution Forum

   State Bar of Texas ADR website

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United States Supreme Court

   FindLaw - Supreme Court opinions

   Legal Information Institute - U.S. Supreme Court

   Legal Information Institute - U.S. Supreme Court Calendar for 2000

   U.S. Law Week's Supreme Court Today

   U.S. Supreme Court official homepage

   USSC + ECase Service

   Washington - The Supreme Court

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   Court of Criminal Appeals

   Dallas Court of Appeals

   Fifth Circuit

   Federal Judiciary Homepage

   Guide to the Federal Legal System

   LLRX Court Rules, Forms and Dockets

   Legal Dockets Online

   LII - U.S. Courts of Appeals

   Researching Jury Verdicts on the Internet (LLRX)

   Recent Civil Cases Filed in Federal District Court

   Southern District of Texas

   Texas Judicial Server

   Texas Supreme Court

   U.S. Supreme Court Official Homepage

   U.S. Supreme Court Monitor (

   Villanova State Court Locator

   Villanova Federal Court Locator

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Texas Legal Research

   Basic State Sites

   District Court for the Northern District of Texas

   Lawrunner for Texas

   Lawinfo's Texas Legal Research Internet Resources

   Lydia Brandt's Texas Legal Research Index Texas

   Municipal Codes online

   Municipal Code Corporation

   The PIPER Letter - State Court Directory

   South Texas College of Law

   StateLaw: State & Local Government - Executive, Legislative, and Judicial information

   State Court Opinions on the Internet

   Tarlton Law Library Texas Legal Research Sites

   Texas Administrative Code

   Texas Register

   Texas A&M University

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   Texas Codes online

   Texas Constitution online

   Texas Legislature online

   Texas Legislative history online

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   Blue Sheets (Jury Verdicts)

   Dallas Court of Appeals

   Harris County District Courts

   Opinions of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

   Texas Judicial Directory online

   Texas Judiciary Online - Local and State Courts

   Texas Judicial - Office of Court Administrator

   Texas Judicial - Supreme Court of Texas

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   Texas Administrative

   Attorney General of Texas

   City of Houston website

   CLE Online home page

   Harris County website

   Harris County Appraisal District

   List of Texas State Agencies

   State of Texas Government on the Web

   Texas Counties - web links to all Texas counties

   Texas Department of Insurance

   Texas Ethics Reporter (™)

   Texas Map Collection

   Texas Office of the Comptroller

   Texas Register

   Texas Secretary of State

   Texas State Agencies - agencies, universities, commissions, courts, departments, etc.

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General State Resources




   State Municipal Codes

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Bar Associations

   American Bar Association

   Houston Bar Association

   State Bar of Texas - Professional Development

   Texas/Mexico Bar Association

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Professional Groups and Practice Areas

   American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

   American Health Lawyers Association

   American Immigration Lawyers Association

   American Law Institute

   Association of American Law Schools

   Association of Trial Lawyers of America

   ATLA Amicus Curiae Briefs

   Defense Research Institute

    The Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel

   Findlaw - National and Specialty Legal Associations

   Findlaw - State and Local Legal Associations


   Texas Board of Legal Specialization

   Texas Trial Lawyers Association

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Legal Forms

   FindForms Legal Forms

   US Legal Forms

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Business Links

   BizWeb - guide to over 43,000 companies

   CEO Express - financial news, company research, periodicals, business news, etc.

   Company Sleuth - receive daily updates on public companies

   Corporate - searchable links to company information in 127 countries - breaking local business news online

   1Jump - the ultimate business information tool

   Hoover's Masterlist - listings for over 9,000 companies


   KnowX - public records online. Research businesses, do background checks, etc.

    Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

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Online News

   ABC News

   Associated Press Wire

   BBC News World

   CNN Interactive

   CNN/SI from CNN and Sports Illustrated



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   NAA® - hotlinks to newspapers online

   NewsHub - world news by location - over 10,000 newspapers online

   Texas newspapers online

   Worldwide Directory of Online Newspapers


   Amarillo Globe - News

   Atlanta Journal Constitution

   Austin American Statesman

   Beaumont Enterprise

   Boston Globe

   The Bryan-College Station Eagle

   Chicago Tribune

   Dallas Morning News

   Denver Post

   Detroit Free Press

   Houston Chronicle Interactive

   Irish Times

   Jerusalem Post

   London Telegraph

   Los Angeles Times

   Miami Herald

   New York Daily News

   New York Times

   South China Morning Post

   St. Louis Post

   Sydney Morning Herald

   Toronto Globe and Mail

   U.S. National newspapers


   Washington Post

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   The Nation

   New York Review of Books


   Texas Monthly

   Time Magazine

   U.S. News and World Report

   The Village Voice Worldwide

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Expert Finder

   Expert Pages

   Expert Witnesses, Private Investigators, and Legal Consultants (Washburn)

   Expert Witnesses Internet Resources


   National Directory of Expert Witnesses

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People Finder



   Excite People Finder

   How to Find People on the Internet (Internet Lawyer)


   Yahoo! People Search

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Place Locator and Maps

   MapBlast - Worldwide City Maps

   MapQuest - Maps, Driving Directions and Traffic Reports maps

   WebCrawler Maps and Directions

   Yahoo! Driving Directions

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Medical Reference

   Bristol Biomedical Image Archive

    How to Search for Medical Information




   Medical Illustrations and Exhibits (FindLaw)

    Physician's Desk Reference - by Merck Manual

   Researching Medical Literature on the Web (LLRX)

   U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)

   WebMD Medical Encyclopedia

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   AnyWho - find any phone number, Email, home page URL, etc. - great books online

   Carl UnCover

   Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions - Codes of Ethics Online Project

   Corporate Information

   FedStats - statistics from 70+ federal government agencies

   Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

   Insurance News Network - your guide to auto, home and life insurance

   Interactive Weather Information Network - National Weather Service

   Kelley Blue Book - used and new car prices

   Legal Dictionary

   Library of Congress Home Page

   Local Doppler Weather conditions - real time animated weather radar

   Martindale's Reference Desk - comprehensive reference materials

   megaConverter - weights, measures and units converter

   National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)

   NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

   Oran's Law Dictionary

   REFLAW - Virtual Reference Desk

    S.A.E. - Society of Automotive Engineers

    Scholarly Societies Project - standards & specifications written by scholarly societies


   Statistical Resources - statistics on science, government, economics, etc.

   Translation Dictionaries Online

   U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)

   The World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server

   WWLIA Legal Dictionary - The Law in Plain Language

   Yahoo! People Finder

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