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For assistance, please call the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, located in Suite 246 at 1303 San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX 77002.
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Bar Loans

Bar loans are private, credit-based student loans designed to assist students and recent graduates with the costs of preparing for and taking the Bar Exam.  Interest rates on these loans are variable and none of these loans are eligible for Income-Based Repayment or Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Please note that students may use this information as a reference tool, but are entitled to select ANY eligible lender for their borrowing needs. Due to credit market disruptions, bar loan availability has diminished greatly. The lenders are listed below were chosen solely because they offer bar loans at this time – no recommendation or endorsement should be inferred. Houston College of Law (STCL) has no agreements with lenders for volume and cannot warrant that any terms are guaranteed or are the best available; better terms MAY exist. To compare all aspects of the loan programs, we encourage our students to contact the individual lenders. Students may also use an independent and interactive web-based loan analyzer located at:

How to Apply?

We currently are aware of four lenders continuing to offer Bar loans: Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo (Please review Wells Fargo disclosure terms), PNC Education, and Discover although there may well be others.  To apply for a Bar loan, you should:

  • Apply directly with your chosen lender, following all lender instructions.
  • Inform the Financial Aid Office of your approval by e-mailing a financial aid counselor at  Include your 1) full name, 2) student ID number, 3) lender, 4) loan amount and 5) requested disbursement date.

Unlike regular student loans, bar loan disbursements are mailed directly to the borrower, not to your Houston College of Law College of Law student account.  Also, please note that new federal regulations require a waiting period before loan proceeds can disburse to student borrowers.  This may delay the disbursement of your loan.

If you have any questions about Bar loans, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 713-646-1820 or  



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