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Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance
Knowing the cost of attendance can help you budget and better plan the financing of your education. The costs are an average for an academic year (fall and spring or summer, see the below links). Our office takes the cost of attendance into consideration, along with your financial need, when awarding scholarships, work-study and loans. The combination of any federal, state and institutional aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance.  The official cost of attendance is based on the following expenses:

Tuition and Fees
Given the variety of course loads and number of students at Houston College of Law, we use the average tuition and fees costs of 15 credit hours. Actual tuition and fees will vary depending on your course load, type of courses and other factors.

Room and Board
The room and board charges are an estimate and will vary depending on your room and board decisions.

Books and Supplies
The books and supplies component reflects average costs as determined by a survey of Houston College of Law students.

The transportation allowance is allocated for the expenses you incur traveling to and from campus. It is not designed to include such expenditures as vehicle maintenance and the purchase of a vehicle.

Miscellaneous Expenses
These expenses include miscellaneous items you will purchase throughout the academic year that are related to your educational costs. Your actual miscellaneous expenses will vary from the budgeted average depending on your spending habits.
Your actual costs will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Number of credit hours
  • Room and board choices
  • Personal expenses

2016-2017 Cost of Attendance Budget (Living with Parents)

2016-2017 Cost of Attendance Budget (Not Living with Parents)

2016-2017 Loan Periods and Disbursement Dates



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