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ADR Advocates          


South Texas student Chris Archambault leads a discussion on coming to win-win solutions with HISD middle schoolers.

Fox 26 News Reported on the Peer Mediation at South TexasADRA is hosted an all day Peer Mediation workshop on September 24th, 2010 for Houston area middle schools.  This program was designed to assist the children in becoming successful mediators to resolve conflicts amongst their peers.  ADRA members taught the middle school students the basics of mediation, conducted breakout sessions, and engaged the children in mediation role-play sessions. Prior to the event, ADRA members were provided with training and materials to teach the middle school students.

Peer mediation programs have been found to be highly successful in schools.  Unfortunately, many HISD schools lost funding for the program 9 years ago.  By providing this free service, they will be able to offer peer mediation as a solution for their students.  Without this program, conflicts would often lead to violence or being sent to the principal’s office.  ADRA members were eager to volunteer to provide these students with a more structured method of resolving their disputes.







ADR Advocates

The Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution

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