July 10, 2001
Three students from Houston College of Law have received the prestigious Scribes award from the American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects. This is the second year in a row Houston College of Law has been named the winner of the national competition. The Scribes award is given to authors of the best written legal brief submitted in a national moot court competition this past academic year. There were 48 briefs in the competition, seven were written by Houston College of Law students.

It was the brief written by May 2001 graduates Robert W. Cowan, Ann E. Johnson and Mark A. Junell that won the majority of the votes from selection committee members. The judging is done by attorneys, judges, and professors from across the nation. The brief was previously named Best Brief at the 51st Annual Association of the Bar of the City of New York competition in January. The students compete by writing legal briefs and arguing a legal scenario against teams from other schools before a panel of judges.

The Scribes award will be presented to the students at the American Bar Association Annual meeting in Chicago August 4th.

-by Sheila Hansel