• Prepare T visas, U visas, or asylum applications (immigration relief for foreign trafficked victims) and represent clients in non-adversarial hearings before administrative bodies

  • Litigate cases, which includes tasks such as drafting civil complaints against traffickers,
    preparing clients and witnesses to testify in asylum cases before an immigration judge, or seeking a predicate order in family court for special immigrant juveniles

  • Conduct investigative activities, such as working with state and county enforcement agencies to assist in the regulation of sexually oriented businesses, assisting in the investigation of potential violators, and issuing cease and desist letters leading to potential injunctive lawsuits

  • Raise awareness through CLE seminars for fellow students and legal community to educate and motivate others in the fight against human trafficking.

Central to the clinic’s activities is aiding children: those who were forced into prostitution or labor by human traffickers, those who were abandoned in this country by their parents, and those who came here themselves to escape danger in their native countries.

The vulnerable clients who seek our assistance cannot be helped by traditional legal aid offices because of federal funding restrictions. Their cases present opportunities for students to hone lawyering skills in a variety of venues -- in state court, in federal agency hearings, and in federal court.


Naomi Bang
Adjunct Professor



This clinic works and assists nonprofit agencies and service providers such as Boat People SOS, Catholic Charities, Human Rights First, KIND (Kids in Need of Defense), Tahirih Justice Center, YMCA International, and takes referrals from the Human Trafficking Task Force Pro Bono Committee, and the Houston Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Task Force.


  • Successfully over-turned a denial of religious persecution asylum case at the affirmative level on behalf of Iranian client.

  • Successfully tried political persecution asylum case in court on behalf of Palestinian client and his son, who had been seriously wounded.

  • Successfully sought asylum on behalf of woman at risk of FGM [female genital mutilation] in Mali.

  • Successfully obtained Special Juvenile Immigrant status for numerous unaccompanied children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

  • Successfully tried and won asylum grant based on persecution of Cameroon woman who had suffered FGM and been threatened by husband's powerful political tribal family.

  • Successfully obtained U visas on behalf of victims who had suffered violent sexual crime by powerful forces who took advantage of their status.

  • Successfully worked with law enforcement to investigate cases of forced trafficking in the Vietnamese and Filippino community.

  • Successfully filed for DACA applicants

  • Hosted 5 symposiums on Human Trafficking and DACA for more than 100 attorneys and community leaders

  • Hosted Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) seminar for pro bono attorneys in Houston area.

  • Handled numerous sex trafficking cases stemming from criminal investigation and prosecution of local cantina victims.

  • Tried Withholding of Removal and Convention Against Torture (CAT) cases for detained client.

  • Successfully sought asylum on behalf of Nepalese victims of political persecution by Maoists.

  • Successfully sought asylum on behalf of domestic violence victims, using innovative PSG theories.