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How to Submit                                                        Updated February 8, 2013

The South Texas Law Review is pleased to accept your submission. Submissions may be submitted by ExpressO or directly at All submissions should contain a cover letter, resume, and a manuscript. All manuscripts must conform with the 19th edition of the Bluebook. The South Texas Law Review does not have a minimum or maximum page length requirement.

When to Submit

The South Texas Law Review is currently accepting submissions for Volume 54 Issue 4. The Review will not be accepting submissions from January to May 2012. The selection process will resume in July 2012 for Volume 54 Issues 1 and 2.

Review Process

The South Texas Law Review carefully reviews all submissions by at least two editors. Many submissions are reviewed by both the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor. Offers are extended on a rolling basis. Authors who are extended an offer of publication will be notified by The Review.

Expedited Review

Submitting authors may request an expedited review of their article when necessary. The Review kindly requests that authors allow at least two weeks for an expedited review of their article.

Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions you may have at the following locations:

Jeff Robertson
Editor in Chief

Sammy Miles
Scholarly Publications Coordinator 

Dean Elizabeth Dennis 
Faculty Advisor to South Texas Law Review 

South Texas Law Review Suite