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Assistant Dean Wanda Morrow

Ashley Satterwhite

Office: Room 101C
Office hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm
Phone: 713.646.1779
Fax: 713.646.2929

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Houston College of Law
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Lockers and Mailboxes

Student Lockers - A limited number of lockers are available on a first-come basis for currently enrolled students.  Continuing students with lockers may retain them through graduation.  All users must sign a locker agreement and are responsible for their locker and contents.  Failure to return the signed locker agreement within the time specified on the agreement will result in forfeiture of the locker and its assignment to another student.

Please note: If you no longer use or need your locker, please notify the Student Organizations Office, Room 101C.

Student Mailboxes - Mailboxes are assigned during orientation to all new students at no charge. Students are not permitted to exchange mailboxes. All mailboxes are to be closed and locked after mail is removed by the student. You may sign up for a locker in room 101C. Students will retain the same mailbox until graduation. Mailboxes are for in-house communications only.

Patron Lockers - For the short-term convenience of library patrons, lockers are located on Floors 2-5 near the Document Centers.  Place a quarter in the slot of the locker and the key will be released.  When you return the key to the locker, the quarter will be returned to you.  Items may not be stored in lockers overnight.  Abandoned items will be released to Security.








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