Mac OS X (Lion) Printing

The screen shots for these instructions are from Mac OS X 10.7, but should be close enough for Snow Leopard. There are 2 steps required: These instructions assume some users may know little about the Mac OS. Note that the "domain" stuff has to be "spot on" to get your print job into the print queue.

STEP 1: Creating An Account With Your "Domain" Credentials
Log into your Mac using an administrator account and go to the "System Preferences..." under the "Apple" menu.
Double-click on the "Users & Groups" icon in the main panel.
Click the padlock icon to unlock the "Users & Groups" settings panel. (You can ignore the "blacked out" personal information.)
You'll have to enter your Mac's admin user name and password to continue.
Here is where you enter the information to create a user with your domain credentials. Click on the "+" sign and follow the example to enter YOUR domain user name and password.

NOTE: If you already have an account using your full name, just enter something different in the "Full Name" field, like a different version of your name (Dan instead of Daniel, MyPrintProfile, etc...). The critical information on this pane is the domain user name and password.
Check off the "Allow user to administer this computer", close the System Preferences panel, and log out of your admin account.
STEP 2: Configuring The Printer Settings
Log into the new account you just created in "Step 1" and again go to the "System Preferences..." under the "Apple" menu.
Double-click on the "Print & Scan" icon to set up a printer.
Click on the Padlock icon (if it's locked) and the enter your admin password if required. Then add a printer by clicking on the "+" sign.
Select the "IP" printer icon in the window that pops up.
Choose "Line Printer Daemon - LDP" as the protocol and then fill out the fields with the information in this graphic image. Here is the same information if you want to copy & paste: (just the stuff between the quotes)
  • Address: ""
  • Queue: "labhp9040"
  • Name: "Library HP 9040"
  • Location: "3rd Floor Library"
Choose "Select Printer Software..." to select the HP 9040 printer driver in the next pane below.
You can scroll through the entire list if you want, but it's faster to locate the driver using the search function. If I were to do it again I'd search for "9040" instead of "hp".

Not seeing any HP printers? Then you don't have the HP printer drivers installed. Go here to download them:

HP Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Lion

Just follow the instructions to install them and then try this step again.
Here's how the "Add Printer" window should look before you click on the "Add" button in the lower right.
These were the default settings for the printer options and I left them alone and just clicked on the "OK" button.
The new printer will now be available in your list of printers in the "Print & Scan" preferences panel.
This is what the print dialog box looks like in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Just click on the "Print" button to add your print job to the print queue. Print jobs in the queue are deleted after 4 hours unless released at one of the two PaperCut print release stations (across the hall from the student HP 9040 printers) on the 3rd floor of the library.
When I sent this print job to the printer a little "HP 9040" icon popped up in my dock and then disappeared. If it DOESN"T go away then you have a problem. (Configuration issue, not on the student network, etc....) Even if it does disappear there can still be problems -- see the final notes below.

A couple of final notes: