Virus/Spyware Suggested Practice:

Please use the following checklist to ensure your computer is ready to be connected to the internet:

Protecting your Operating System

Install the latest Windows Updates and Service Packs

Enable Windows Auto Update

Enable Windows Firewall

Install and update Antivirus software

NOTE: To maintain optimum functionality of your computer, only one AntiVirus software package should be installed on your computer.

We recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free antivirius software provided by Microsoft. Norton or McAffee are also a good choice.

Install a Spyware removal tool

SpyBot Search & Destroy


Other suggested practice

  1. Always scan a floppy disk, USB flash drive, etc. before opening any files regardless of who used it last, or who gave the disk to you.

  2. If you receive an e-mail from someone unfamiliar to you and it has a file attachment, do not open the attachment! If you are sure the e-mail is spam or junk, simply delete the e-mail and empty the Trash folder.

  3. If you download a file from the Internet, immediately scan the folder that it was downloaded to, before opening or running the file.

  4. If you receive a warning that your anti-virus program has found a virus, don't ignore it!

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